Social Choice Library

We created a social choice library that makes it easier to interpret and analyze election results. It won runner-up at SharkHack 2019.

What is the best programming language? Or, more generally, how do you combine multiple people’s preferences to make a decision? Social choice theory answers these questions, but there are no open-source libraries available for it. I built this library with a friend and also create an app to showcase its utility. It supports multiple ways to aggregate votes, such as as Ranked Pairs, Copeland, and Win Ratio.

We made a Flask app, TIE Fightr, that was deployed to a GCE instance. The app uses Jinja2 templated HTML for the frontend and Python as the backend. We implemented a standalone library for computing voting results that can be released for general use.

For more info, see here. If you find a bug, let us know and we’ll fix it!

The Project Code

This code is available on a public repo. Please feel free to fork it.